Thank God it’s Friday.  Friday, for me, has always left the feeling of something coming to an end, closure.  Whether you have completed a week long task, an exhausting work week or just the normal day to day routine most follow during the week, Friday brings it to an end. 

My week, to say the least, has been one of the most trying weeks for me in a while.  It seems like no matter what I did, opposition presented itself.  I wanted to just give up and throw in the towel.  But sometimes it just takes a quick moment of reflection to understand where you come from to understand where you are going.  If I had to reflect on one thing, it would have to be life.  I am still alive and well so there is definitely still some work for me to do. 

So when life throws you some lemons, you have 4 things to do:

THINK: Reflect on how you once turned those lemons into lemonade.  If you could do it once, you can certainly do it again.  Through Christ all things are possible.

GO TO GOD:   Take everything to the Lord in prayer. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  So many times our prayers are answered in the form of instructions.  Follow them, that is the most expedientway for a change to come; obedience.  If the instructions aren’t clear, write them down until you get clarity.

FAITH:  Trust and believe that it is already done.  What God has promised will come to pass.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

“Building relationships of accountability and trust with all roads leading to love.” RATL