Personal Boundaries

Personal Boundaries (Photo credit: mohammadali)

Boundaries are necessary and important in our relationships as well as in business.  Boundaries begin to play a role in our lives as children.  Our parents give us curfews, demonstrate how we are to communicate to one another, set limits on where we are allowed to go, what we may wear and more.  Well being in business is yet another type of relationship and how you view boundaries in non business relationships will affect how you view them in business relationships.  Boundaries are set to protect, establish and teach.

5 Reasons Why Establishing Boundaries Are Important:

-Boundaries are a reflection of who you are and what you are about.  They let people know what you will and will not tolerate and in turn attract people that have similar boundaries and beliefs into your life.  The lack of boundaries can also attract people into your life that don’t mean you any good.   I remember as a little girl, both of my parents being in the church and one of my dad’s best friends spent a lot of time with my father helping him out with my parent’s business.  My father’s friend smoked cigarettes but he would never smoke around my father, he would walk away from the property and would be out of view.  He understood what my parents stood for and a boundary had been set without really ever being spoken.

-Boundaries set the tone for what is to be expected, whether in business, family or a relationship.  Our children respond better and things run smoother in the home when boundaries are set.  In business, it keeps us from short changing ourselves, being taken advantage of and it also makes it easier to say no.  When a boundary has been set and established, there will always be someone that will test it but stand firm.

-Boundaries also help increase productivity.  Transitioning from working a traditional job and going to an office everyday to working at home, I realized that my children had a hard time grasping that mommy was still working.  But it wasn’t just my children, family and friends often times had to be reminded that though I was no longer clocking in, I was still on the clock.  The problem with that was if I didn’t accomplish everything desired in the day because of distractions, my hours were extended.  Set a time that you are going to begin work, take necessary breaks and shutdown for the day.  Then make those who will be affected aware.  Let family and friends know that you will not be able to answer their calls and will return them once you day is complete.  Sure they will have a hard time adjusting but stick with it.

-Boundaries protect us.  Boundaries can alleviate regrets.  If we draw the line as to what we won’t do or allow, we put ourselves in a better position to walk away from unhealthy or time consuming endeavors.  Boundaries may change over time and with experience, but the key is to recognize when something or someone crosses the line and set a boundary to prevent it in the future.

-Boundaries, lastly, establish us as professional and serious about the work we do.  I have spent the past two years, evolving, learning and strengthening my craft.  I want to be taken serious when it comes to the work and services I provide.  I want people to recognize the added value I bring and the effort taken to deliver and meet their needs.  So I may not be able to drop what I am doing to answer a question but I will do my best to point you in the direction to do the necessary research.

At one time or another, we have all found ourselves in a situation that we were not sure as to how to proceed.  Allowing yourself the time to make an informed decision is key.  Boundaries should empower us to make concrete decisions and avoid those that are contrary to what we believe in or stand for.

“Building relationships of accountability and trust with all roads leading to love.” RATL