Sheards-2The Sheards are not just your average Christian family.  The new reality series premiered on BET follows the lives of Bishop J. Drew Sheard, Karen Clark Sheard and their children Kierra “Ki Ki’ Sheard and J. Drew Sheard.  Bishop J. Drew Sheard is the Pastor of a mega church in Detroit and a Bishop within the Church of God In Christ.  Karen Clark Sheard is a Grammy award winning gospel artist and member of the legendary group The Clark Sisters, who has been sharing her gift with the world for years.  The series premiered April 7th and you can already tell that it is going to be good.  Kierra “Ki Ki” Sheard  and J. Drew Sheard are at the age that they desire to break away from the family shadows and establish a name for themselves in the music industry but they are breaking in two different directions.

Kierra “Ki Ki” Sheard doesn’t want to just be known as Karen Clark’s daughter  and J. Drew Sheard surely doesn’t want to be groomed to be a preacher.  We get to see the pressures that both of these PK’s face, upholding the image of their family, building their careers and balancing the desire to just live their lives.  J. Drew Sheard seems to have already made up his mind that “Church Life” will not be the only life that he lives.  While Kierra shows us that living a saved life does not have to be boring.

I will be tuning in.  Not only am I COGIC but also a PK.  My father not only was a Pastor but also served as the Chief Adjutant to the Bishop.  I didn’t understand it then, but I sure did feel the pressure of living up to the expectations of “people” because of the position my father served in.    If you have not been watching this series, it is not too late to start.  You can watch the trailer here or catch the first full episode on