I don’t watch much television but when I do, it is typically reality tv. Blame it on my psychology background but I probably analyze the shows a lot deeper than most and when I form an opinion, you can believe its my own. The Sisterhood, even after all the negative talk from “church folks”, got my attention. The Sisterhood is a reality tv series based on the lives of 5 First Ladies, better known as Pastors’ Wives. The cast is made up of Domonique, Tara, DeLana, Christina and Ivy with the husbands and families being captured as well.

Domonique was one of my favorite first ladies. She was real. I believe it was in the second episode that she shared her testimony. She was abandoned by her mom as an infant and ended up growing up in foster care. By the time she was 12 or 13, her foster father began to pimp her out to his friends for beer and money. To escape the abuse, she ran away, began living on the streets, ended up meeting a pimp and was introduced to prostitution and drugs. She recalls her first night once the word about a 14 year old prostitute had gotten out. She stated men were lined up around the corner, from there drugs were introduced as a way to escape the pain. Her testimony and watching her get the closure she needed brought me to tears. It allowed me to understand her and how she responds to people a lot more. It also answered the questions about budgeting and the financial issues her and her husband had encountered and as a result led to the closing of their church. Domonique desires to give her daughters a better life and opportunity than what she had been given, treating them to pamper days and even pawning her ring to relocate to a better school district. But in her pursuit for all things better, it seems as though Domonique struggles with being able to sacrifice. In one episode, she describes it as the demons of her past and being so used to hustling to get what she wanted.

Then there is Tara. Tara was the “scripture quoter” out of the group. Some of the women had a hard time communicating with her beyond the Bible verses. She is also a health and fitness fanatic. Tara and her husband moved to Atlanta to Pastor a church and 6 months later were released from the church. Tara’s personality is very outspoken, strong and inflexible. She has no problem with showing her physique off but doesn’t engage well in casual conversation. Tara and Dominique were constantly bumping heads but they also interacted regularly due to their daughters being close in age. Tara opens up with the ladies about her past as an adulterer. She describes herself as being unfaithful in her first marriage and felt like it was her right to step out of her marriage to be satisfied. When she shared this it really put things into perspective for me. She was thankful to God for delivering her, blessing her with a husband and a successful marriage of 16 years. She would be a great accountability partner to have and everybody needs one.

The other women were not as significant to me but each played a role. Ivy, an a member of the group Xscape, was very supportive of the women but also didn’t have a problem speaking her mind.

Christina and DeLana co-pastor with their husbands of very large congregations. Christina was very supportive to Dominique and seemed to be a good listener, free from casting judgement but more interested in gaining understanding. DeLana was a southern bell with an amazing voice, a lot more reserved than the other women and intolerable of gossip.

I ended up watching the entire season in one night. If I hadn’t watched the entire season, I probably would have judged the series prematurely, like some viewers did. Just like any other reality show, cuts and edits can create drama, twist and unexpected turns, which happened even in The Sisterhood.

There was so much that I took away from each woman. But more so the importance of having a PERSONAL relationship with God. I saw Mary Magdalene (Domonique), The woman with an issue of blood (Ivy) and the woman at the well (Tara) in all these women. Their relationship with God all had different starting and turning points and areas in need of healing. What was displayed on tv is happening in the church whether we want to believe it or not. We are imperfect people called to serve and worship a perfect God. When we can get pass titles and positions and realize we ALL have fallen short, that we may not always get it right but are continually striving for better, maybe we will stop judging. Also, understand that no matter the position or capacity you serve in, everyone needs to be ministered to.

I pray for each one of these women and their ministries. What are your thoughts about the series?