Confused-TeacherWith school just being back in for close to two months, I was shocked yesterday when I found out there would be a substitute. I think a good majority of the parents were. Our little kindergartners are only at school for 2.5 hours per day, so the thought of a substitute seemed like a day of disaster in the making.

Our pm kindergartners were ready to start their day but there was one little problem the gate was still locked. Initially none of the parents thought anything of it until we realized that their playtime was now over and they should have been in their classroom already. I proceeded to head to the front office to notify someone that the gate had not been opened. That’s when I was informed of the substitute. But it wasn’t just my son’s classroom with a substitute but the other kindergarten class had one as well.

The gate is finally opened and all the parents started to look at each other like what is going on. Let’s just say the substitutes didn’t look like they had ever done this before and since they were both subs they had no one to guide them. I think we all just wanted to stay and volunteer for the day. After realizing our children just wanted to be in their classroom and they were less concerned with the teacher, we left.

Thankfully, I returned to find my son in one piece. But I soon realized that he was out of the classroom before I had made it to the classroom. Normally, the students are not released until the teacher has identified who is picking them up and allows them to leave the classroom one by one. Well the teacher released all the children at the same time to play on the playground. Substitute fail #1.

Myself along with a few other parents allow our children to play together after school until the gates are locked. When the gates were being locked and we were proceeding to leave, we noticed that there were still some kindergartners playing and their parents had yet to arrive. Substitute fail #2! I spotted the mother of one of the little girls crossing the street so she stayed with us until her mother crossed. But this entire situation was so concerning to me.

I’m not looking forward to anymore substitutes. How do you feel about substitutes? How have you handled a substitute in your child’s classroom?