We Saw A Vision

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Write the vision and make it plain…In business, I have learned the importance of having a vision. The results that I have seen since writing one over a year ago, have pushed me to develop one in all aspects of my life. It is important to understand not only where you are going but also how you intend to get there. Your vision plan should be detailed, including the methods you intend to utilize in order to accomplish each objective. One must also be able to communicate this verbally in a clear and concise manner. In business, we often refer to this as an elevator speech. An elevator speech sums up the vision for your business in 3-5 minutes; it provides the listener with enough information to paint a picture and desire more. You should also be able to do this in your personal life.

Over dinner with friends, I had mentioned to them my “five minute rule”. In five minutes or less, as a single woman/man, you should know if a person is worth another five minutes of your time. How you might ask? Well in five minutes, if a person has a personal vision, they should be able to comunicate that to you. Rattling off ten hobbies is not going to cut it, everyone should have a career objective or goal in mind. The things which a person is involved in should lead them to that particular goal. Whether the current job they hold is for the purpose of saving to return to school to obtain the job they desire, it should all add up. But you only get 5 minutes, so make sure you have the appropriate equation before I begin adding and subtracting.

As a single mother, I have found that writing the vision for my family can be difficult. I have five little ones and I am responsible for ensuring that they grow to be responsible and positive contributions to society. My children are getting older, I am finding it necessary to make sure that as a family we are all on the same page. The most important decision was allowing God to have full reign in my home. “Train up a child in the way he should go…”. Establishing a routine is also important, children do better when they know what is expected. I am also making sure to define roles. Someone once said, “you have to live the life you want your children to live. Each day I wake, I have to be sure that I am demonstrating peace, joy, love, hardwork and faithfulness. These are the ingredients that are preserving our family.

2012 will be the revealing and pursuing of many life goals and hearts desires. I’m focused, my family is in good health and vision has been written for this appointed time. We survived the worst, the best is on its way…We are more than conquerers.

Happy New Year!!!