I may not know much about infertility but I do know about the power of prayer and standing on God’s word.  I am so happy to welcome Wanza Leftwich, author of Faith and Fertility.  She has an awesome testimony to share!
1. How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing for twelve years now. Isn’t amazing how fast time goes by!

2. What genre best describes your writing?
My fiction genre is classified as Urban Christian Fiction – the tell it like it is, no holds barred type of Christian writing that depicts real people serving a real God. I also write non-fiction which tends to have the type of impact – writing that is real, transparent andaimed at helping others.

3. What inspired your most recent book?
My most recent book was inspired by my personal life. Faith and Fertility: All Things Are Possible comes directly from my heart. It is about my experience through infertility and how God enabled me to get rid of an infertility defeated mindset.

4. Was it difficult to write on the subject?
Honestly, it was not difficult to write, but i find that the content may be challenging to women who are suffering through infertility. It is not written to keep women in despair or sadness. It gives hope and encourages the reader to activate their faith and believe for the impossible.

5. On twitter, you go by @TheGospelWriter. How did you come up with that name?

Can you believe I recently gave up that name as my twitter handle? I absolutely loved that name. When I first began writing I was taught that you should have a brand. The Gospel Writer became my name because I write about the Gospel of Jesus Christ Be it fiction and non-fiction, I encourage readers to grow in their walk with Christ. Recently, I’ve changed my twitter handle to my name @WanzaLeftwich to represent the brand that is evolving now.

6. How do you balance writing your own books and novels with editing those of others?
I am learning to not take on more than I can handle :-). Basically, I schedule my clients according to the deadlines that I have. I try not overload my schedule. This works best for me and my clients. I able to meet my deadlines and my clients receive the personal attention that their books deserves.

7. What is the one thing that you would tell someone who is interested in writing a book but has some reservations?
Just write! Get it all out of your system. Don’t worry about editing, grammar or structure. Get it on paper. Let your thoughts flow. Let your heart speak freely. You will be surprised what comes out. Most importantly, don’t be fearful. Someone needs your words.

8. Who motivated you and have you that extra push to begin writing?
I was motivated by my sister in law who self published three books. She told me what I tell people everyday – “just write”. As simple as it sounds, it works. I’m motivated to keep writing when I hear that someone’s life has been changed because of my words.

9. What can we expect from you in the near future?
I’m glad that you asked! I am headed in a new direction. My book Faith and Fertility has ushered me into a new area. With the launch of my
new site(in a few days), www.wanzaleftwich.com, my mission is to encourage women struggling with infertility to overcome it with faith.
I have a series of courses coming out including, the Infertility Defeated Mindset Bootcamp. And of course, you can expect another book, Infertility Defeated.

10. Any last words?
Thank you so much for this interview. I’ve truly enjoyed it! As always, you and your readers can connect with me socially on
www.Twitter.com/wanzaleftwich or www.facebook.com/wanzaleftwich

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