While reflecting and trying to refocus myself this morning, I came across a question that I had written down and what seems to be a prayer that followed. The question was “What is life and my experiences trying to teach me?”

“What is life and my experiences trying to teach me?” Click To Tweet

Ironically, this is exactly what I needed to see because now 7 months later I believe I have my answer.


“What is life and my experiences trying to teach me?”

I need to be very clear of the lessons, how to apply them to my life and how to teach them to others that may be experiencing similar circumstances.

Patience to be still and quiet until the answer(s) to this question is revealed. Strength to endure through this eye opening experience.

I open my heart and mind to learn. I forgive myself for the mistakes made that have brought me to this place.

I surrender to the process of self introspection, reflection and learning. I make peace with my past in order to step into my future.

Well today not only have I received my answers to my question also an answered prayer.

5 Things That Life Was Teaching Me

– I am worthy of more

– What you focus on is what you attract more of

– Focusing on the people and things that bring me joy attracts more joy into my life

– Discipline (I have come across this word consistently since the New Year) and consistency are the best foundations to build on.

– I can only change me. I am responsible for making the changes that are necessary to live the life that I desire.

When the vision is tarrying...keep writing until its plain and gets clearer. #Bible Click To Tweet

So are you ready to ask the question? Do have the patience to be still until you receive the answer? Have you surrendered to the process? Leave your comments!

When you’ve fought so hard for love, Joy and peace in your life and you finally find that true source of Joy and you keep taping into it; it feels limitless and never ceases to amaze you…that’s Mad Joy.