We all have a message inside of us.

We all have a message inside of us. How we choose to release it to the world is what sets us apart. What makes you shine? Click To Tweet

Sometimes we bottle up the message we should be sharing because of fear and doubt. If there was one message that you wanted to get out into the world, what would it be? How would you spread it? And how many people would you want it to reach? Whatever your answers were to each question, t-shirts could in fact be the way that each answer is made possible.

Brands have definitely evolved in the way they are designing and promoting tees. We are seeing less logos and more messages. Words are resonating with people, not only the one that is wearing them but also the onlooker. Words grab the attention, force people to read them and sometimes even seek an explanation. Since t-shirts can be worn over and over again, imagine how many people would come across your message. How many conversations you would spark.

“I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” I initially wrote these exact words in each signed copy of my book. The more I shared the message, the more people understood it and shared it. Quite naturally, the next step was to produce a t-shirt with that very message. I was reluctant at first but an image of the tee became clearer and clearer the more I entertained the thought. The “My Scars” tee was born and additional tees have since followed. My t-shirts have been seen on television networks WETv and Oxygen, worn by celebrities and have opened up countless opportunities but if I hadn’t taken the step to get my idea out my head none of that would have been possible.

I want to help walk you through the process so that you can give your audience your best without allowing anything to stand in your way. The key is understanding your audience and if you know your audience then you know they are waiting on you. What is it that you say in the message you share that keep them coming back? When you find it, brand it. T-shirt brands are being started daily. One thing is for certain we all wear t-shirts and we never have just one.

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