20140126-112816.jpgWhen I first began my t-shirt line, I knew this time around I was in it for the long haul. I wanted my shirts worn over and over again, hanging on the racks in boutiques and a brand I could be proud of. I didn’t want just any t-shirt to be the canvas for my designs. That meant that I would have to spend some extra money to get the quality of shirt that I desired.

For the past three years, I have done just that. I have spent extra money but the reward has been worth it. This winter, for the first time, RN Brand released a new design. Not just any design, the design would become the first to be a long sleeve shirt. Years prior, I had decided that RN Brand would not compete with the big retailers during the Christmas season. However, I changed my mind this past holiday season and I had the perfect design to release. I still needed the perfect canvas. I found it and though it would cost me almost double of what it cost to produce the other RN Brand tees, I knew it was worth it.

And my investment paid off! The pictures that have surfaced on instagram and facebook from happy customers have been priceless. The comments received, amazing! I didn’t spend over $300 on just one shirt but a case of shirts that brought me a return. You see since I decided to go all in with my brand, I don’t go on the shopping sprees that I use to go on, buying designer bags, boots, jeans and anything else that could consume my money. I have sacrificed all of those things in order to see my own dream manifest. Now when you see me rocking a tee, it’s mine and soon the jeans I’m rocking with it will be also. Invest in your brand, that is the best investment you can ever make.

“I love my shirt…” ~ Jill, Vacaville, CA
“Love my shirt. #Hewaswounded” ~ Samele, American Canyon, CA

“I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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