I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end one week and start another. On this past Saturday, I was so excited to finally host Mission Possible, a vision board workshop I had envisioned over a year ago. It was a great success and each participant was full of so much energy. They were all so attentive and ready to take in all that was being shared.


I always start off by sharing a portion of my personal story. Almost 3 years ago, I found myself out of a job and not knowing what my next move would be. Single mother of 5 with no source of income, in a different State from my family and support system. When I first moved to NV, I could feel an overwhelming sense of need. When I say need, I mean services, hope, direction and more. I started writing a program plan then to provide a continuum of services within the community from adolescence on through adulthood. That very plan sat dormant for two years. But during the first two years here, I was hired by the County to work as a case manager. I was basically providing the services that I had written about. However, I also got an inside view of what was really lacking in the State that I was now residing in. It was as if God had provided a means to get on the job training for the work He was preparing me to do.

So fast forward, after losing my job, I had to shake off the frustration and disappointment of losing it and realize that God had even greater plans. I remember sitting in my livingroom one day and I was reminded of the business plan that I had once written. In that moment, Mother 2 Mother was born. I always get excited when I share that story. Mission Possible is not just an event but a true life testimony. If you have visited my site before, then you also know that during this time I began writing my book.

“Need nothing, desire everything.”

I began writing my book on my blackberry. At the time, I didn’t have a computer but I made use of what I had. I downloaded every app under the sun that I thought I would need. I explained to the group that when we start feeling as though we “need” something what we are actually lacking is creativity. I got creative. I even started my blog on my blackberry. When I needed to spruce up my blog, I went to the library. I was eventually able to purchase my computer. But I didn’t let what would have appeared to be an obstacle stand in my way.

“Delight yourself in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

The Law of Attraction may not be for everyone.  But before I was introduced to the Law of Attraction, I read the book of Genesis.  Abraham was a man of faith.  He believe that God would deliver just what He had promised.  He believed it so, that he trusted that if God didn’t do it in his lifetime then his children would be blessed.  And if his children didn’t receive it that their children would be blessed.  Yes, I went there.  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were men of faith and the faith they had is still here today.  Tap into that faith and get started.

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone left motivated and inspired to begin moving forward with their dreams and goals.

Then on Sunday, I celebrated my 5 year old’s birthday. We’ve added two new members to the family, Nemo and Plex. Let’s just hope mommy can keep them alive.   We ended the birthday evening with a tiramisu cake at the request of the birthday boy.


How was your weekend? Are you ready for the great week ahead of you?

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